Angry Birds Friends: Features and How to Download

Angry Birds Friends is a new version of Angry Birds series from the house of Rovio, which is also free to play. The version mainly aims at Facebook integration; and so you can use your Smartphone to challenge your Facebook friends, to play the ultimate pig popper and bird flinger.

angry-birds-friendsWeekly tournaments are available which can be played with your friends and check if you can catch the desirable bronze, silver and gold trophies. In addition, you can earn daily rewards, send and receive gifts, brag your achievements, etc. Your tournament status will be updated automatically if you are enjoying the game on Facebook and hence can resume your game.

Features of the Game

Apart from weekly tournaments and challenge for trophies, other new features include four classic power-ups, one exclusive to Angry Birds Friends on mobile, automatic syncing with Facebook, free bird coins to complete the tutorial, etc. Remember you will require a Facebook account and internet access to play this game on mobile.

The New Terms

The Angry Birds Friends comes with four kinds of power-ups which can be activated by lightning the bolt button at the top. You are allowed to use two power-ups in a level. The available power ups in this version are Birdquake, Super Seeds, Sling Scope and King Sling.

Birdquake is a power-up that will create an earthquake in any level. This will help us to nudge pigs off of ledges and will make the unstable buildings fall.

The power up Super Seeds will boost the size of the bird that is presently in the slingshot and will consequently increase the damage it makes.

Sling Scope will show you a large part of the bird’s trajectory before the launch and will affect all your birds.

The King Sling power-up will amplify the initial launch speed of all your birds and will result in increased damage and also will alter their flight trajectory.

Bird Coins is a new feature in Angry Birds Friends which will be a method to buy power-ups and other accessories. Bird Coins can be earned from daily rewards, weekly tournaments and gifts and the number of coins you have will be displayed on the top right corner.

Download it for Android

To download and install it for Android devices, follow the steps below:

Go to the Google Play store and find the free app of Angry Birds Friends.

Now click on the Install button to start the installation process and when the process ends you can start enjoying the game.

Download it for iOS

To download it for iOS, go to itunes and download the app. The app requires an iOS 4.3 or later version and is optimized for iPhone 5.

To download for Kindle Fire, click here.

The game can also be played on desktop via Facebook but requires Flash 11. And the program Flash 11 has some minimum requirements of its own, like in Windows it needs a 2.33 GHz or faster processor. However, it just takes a few minutes work.

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