Benefits of Rooting Android Devices

If you own an Android device, then I’m pretty sure that you stay updated with all popular Android related blogs and forums, right? While going through those forums and blogs, you must have seen many articles related to ‘rooting’, and many people talking about the same. Have you ever wondered what does rooting mean? Nothing special, many know it! But for those who are still wondering, it is something similar to giving admin access to a user – it allows the user access to perform admin-level operations which are otherwise restricted by the device manufacturers and carriers.

android-rootingSo what are the actual benefits of rooting an Android device? Here are the most important ones of them:

1. Install Custom ROMs

Android’s developer base is damn huge. The developers work day in and day out to develop custom ROMs. You just search for custom ROMs for your Android device, you’ll find many. While going through the ROMs available for your Android device, you will surely find many ‘attractive’ having bunch of features in them. Oh! Want to install any particular one? Do it! But, you ‘must’ root your Android device before installing any custom ROM on it.

2. Install Root-Only Apps

Ever came across the app which required you to root your Android device? If yes, then just consider it as another benefit of rooting Android device. There are many incredible root-only apps. By root-only I mean the apps that work only on rooted Android device. Interesting thing is that all root-only apps are rich in feature. This is the reason why I have rooted my Android device. This is the reason why many Android users have rooted their Android devices.

3. Customization 

Getting bored from a particular gadget is a natural thing. In case of Android, people get bored after a time longer than in what they get from any other device. Not all Android users, but only those who root their device. Reason? It’s Customization! There are many root-only apps in Google Play that provide the extreme customization. Like I said, these apps work on rooted Android devices only. So, that extreme customization is only possible if you root your Android device.

4. Better Backup

Ever heard of the app named ‘Titanium Backup’? This app is a root-only app. It’s been admired by many Android analysts and users. Wondering what’s use of this app? Come on, the name says it all- it’s for taking backup of your Android device. Yeah, I know there are many other apps, ways to take backup, but, this one is something unique, something incredible. Don’t argue with me, just try out this app. Oh Sorry! You need to root your Android device so as to install this app.

5. Improve Battery Backup

Your Android’s battery backup sucks? Improve it! Improve it by installing battery saving apps. Sad thing is that most of the ‘actual working’ or say ‘useful’ battery saving apps are root-only. So, rooting can help you improving your Android’s battery backup.

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