5 Best Text Messaging Apps for iPhone 5

Texting is another effective way of being in touch with your near and dear ones as it stands out to be the perfect substitute. After all, we simply love doing it due to its convenience. However, the burgeoning rates of various plans left Smartphone users fuming, but fortunately not any more though.


After all, there are various sophisticated apps which let you accomplish your desires without spending a single penny. Therefore, the seemingly endless frustrating thoughts can give you victorious and emphatic smiles since you know that there are Smartphone messaging apps which offer unlimited text messages either without any cost or at dirt cheap rates.

1. BiteSMS

Being a tested, popular and free texting app it facilitates a luxury of its own especially while you type messages. The best thing is that you can do customization according to your needs and preference. The enhanced feature gives you the reason to make the whole exercise of sending messages a lot more fun. In case of connecting with the International friends, you can purchase BiteSMS credits at far less rates than the prevailing rates of the carriers.

2. Google Voice

Google is not far behind when it comes to sending unlimited text absolutely for free from Gmail or your phone. While receiving any new text, you will at once be notified in the form of alert. In order to view your conversation in future, you can equally save them as well.

3. Handcent SMS

How can you miss this customized and dedicated text message app for iPhone 5. Besides getting the convenience of sending MMS, users can equally facilitate themselves with the mind-blowing features which are in the form of pop-up notifications along with customized user interface etc.

4. WhatsApp

The list won’t justify itself, if there is no inclusion of this app. Users can send texts as well as multimedia messages in the form of audio, video along with the photos. The best thing is that unlike its competitors, you will not be bombarded with many ads as well. The rate for downloading the WhatsApp Messenger stands out to be quite nominal at $0.99 on iPhone.

5. Messages+

iPhone users cannot equally get away with this prized app. It is known for user-friendly and optimized features which assist immensely. Upon activating Messages+ you will be saving a lot of your time due to the fact that it automatically set up a quick message compose template. In the event when you are looking to ensure a simple template, then you can accordingly make use of the service which is there for you. After all, now sending texts has not been so easy and effective as it has become now. Great, isn’t it?

Being a proud and prized owner of iPhone 5, you deserve such awesome as well as mind-blowing apps to experience heightened and electrifying times of your life. After all, it’s your choice which has given you the reason to register a class of your own and the same goes for the apps as well, which you are going to choose.

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