Candy Crush Saga: The King of Online Games

Candy Crush Saga is a three match puzzle game developed by on April 10th, 2012 for Facebook and then for smart phones. This periodically updated game has become the most popular game and has surpassed Farmville 2 by setting a record of 46 million users monthly. There are 620 levels comprising 41 episodes of 15 levels each. The developers have also added Dreamworld levels, where users can play the older levels with new tricks.


More About the Game

The game involves matching of three color candies. The board will be filled with different colors: red jelly bean, yellow lemon drop, orange lozenge, blue lollipop head, green chicklets, and purple clusters. Each level has objectives to clear; like you must clear all the jellies to clear the level, or you will have the time limit to score the minimum points asked for. Also, you have to bring the ingredients down to the bottom in the particular moves. To make it more interesting, the developers have added hurdles at each level like chocolates (if uncleared then spreads across the board), icing blocks, bombs, and many more.

Now, you can form special candies by arranging the candies and bursting them in 4 or 5 combinations. You can make striped candy, which will clear the entire row or column; wrapped candy, which will clear the surrounding 8 candies; or Color Bomb, which will clear all the candies of the board of the same color.

How to Play

You must swap the candies either horizontally or vertically, to form the three, four, or five combinations of same color candies. Now, if the level has limited moves and you have to clear all the jellies, then you must destroy all the jellies in the limited moves to clear the level. Or, you have to bring the ingredients down to the bottom in the limited number of moves.

Also, there is a level where you have to score the minimum points to clear the level. You must arrange the patterns faster in order to clear that level.

Additionally, in Dreamworld levels, you have to play the older levels with new mechanism where you have to maintain the perfect balance of the moon shaped scale. If the scale becomes unbalanced, then the mascot owl Odus will fall off the moon. But, if you maintain the balance, then the Moon struck event will be activated, and the two colors from the board will be cleared.

Tips and Tricks

You must look for the candies to make the Striped candy, Wrapped candy, or Color bomb. But, if you combine Color Bomb with Stripped candy, then the same color candies on the board will become stripped candies and they will be destroyed either horizontally or vertically, which will save your moves eventually. You will be provided with 5 lives, which get added after the certain amount of time. Now, if you are done with all your 5 lives, then you don’t have to wait.

You can go to Settings -> Change the time or date -> Come back again to Candy Crush Saga app -> Enjoy the game

There are many cheats available online to get you across various levels of the game. Each level involves a different strategy. For instance, Candy Crush Level 130 involves collecting the orders and requires you to score 20,000 points in 40 moves. So, it’s always better to refer to a level-specific cheat.


There are 20 levels in each episode and you have to clear all the levels to clear the episode. Once, you are done with all the levels in a particular episode, then you will need the help of three friends to surpass the episode. Also, you can take the mystery quest which will help you to clear the episode. But, you can play mystery quest after every 24 hours.

iPhone and iPad users can download the game here.

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