Computer Data Storage: The Available Options

When it comes to storing data that you have on your computer you have two main easy to use devices, such as USB sticks and CD – Compact Disks. They are mostly preferred because they are easy to carry around and can take good care of your data you choose to store on them.


Many computer users will have to store at some point all sorts of data they have on their computers or laptops. Some will do it in order to have this type of back up for important files, others will do it in order to free more space from their computer system, and others to transfer the data from one computer to another when these ones are not in a network.

But no matter which your reason is for data storage, you can benefit from the use of either of these two items: USB and CD. Both of them come with their benefits and these ones will be also discussed as follows:

Using the USB stick

If you choose this one then you must know that its size is more convenient because sticks of this type will come in smaller size than a CD making them much easier to be carried. You can also attach one at your key ring and make sure that it can never get lost from there.

With a USB stick you can add and delete files as needed but it is also important to know where you put it because due to its small size you can even drop it down without noticing and step on it. In this way many files can be damaged impacting as well the hardware when plugging in the USB stick.

Using a CD

If you rather go with this item for replicating and storing data, then you should know that the integrity of your files will be intact. This means that if you insert a CD into a computer which has a virus, then data you store on the CD is not affected by the virus. As such your data will be clean and ready to be transferred to another computer without infecting that one. There is one flaw this item comes with: the content of the files may be more difficult as compared to the USB flash drive.

You probably want some sort of indication on which one of these two to choose. Well, it is up to your needs: if you want to store data on a device that ensures more flexibility to the existing data and also to have a better manipulation of it, USB stick is better. If it is more important to you to keep files intact and with more security, then CD proves to be a better choice.

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