GOSF 2013: The Great Online Shopping Festival Is Back!

Great feast for people who love to splurge their money in shopping as this time Google Online Shopping Festival is getting bigger and better with three days of unlimited deals and offers. You name it and they have it because all the top retailers join hands to bring the best through various ecommerce sites at your doorstep.

Cracking the best deal

Of course it is effective as you will be getting so many deals and products at various sites. You have the option of selecting the best after comparing the price and quality of each product.


There might have been certain things in your list which you considered a luxury but with the price that is offered during these 3 days of shopping festival will make that quite affordable for you. So, this Christmas don’t shy away from gifting some utilities to your near and dear ones without thinking about how it is going to pinch you in the pocket. You can visit each site and crack the best deal among them.

Patience is the virtue

Shopping tests your patience, because if you are in haste then you will land up with the worst deal in town. But if you can keep your cool and browse through each site or just go into one place where they have host of ecommerce sites then there are chances of you getting the best deal. You can go shopping for almost anything and everything that you wish for. Starting from clothes, apparels, gadgets, kid’s clothes, books and the list just goes on.

Gaining popularity

Obviously it has become popular else why would it return this year with 2 extra days of shopping fiesta. It is popular not only with the masses but also with the retailers as they get huge exposure within a short period of time without having to dish out much from their pockets for sponsored ads and campaigning. They become a well known name and it helps them all through the year. It all started as one day affair but this year it got extended for 2 more days so if it is not popular then why would they extend!

Countdown already began

The countdown to the shopping festival has already begun; it starts on 11th December and will continue till 13th December. The sites are getting themselves all geared up to magnetize their customers with all kind of goodies. Everybody is waiting with bated breath to see what they will be offered and the site with most exciting offers and discounts are sure going to pull all the traffic.

Wrapping up

This will define how many retailers know their customer base strongly because if you are not aware of what your customers want then you will be losing out your loyal follower to some other site. Whenever there is a festival, people go crazy and start spending like anything; therefore the retailing sites have to come up with perfect strategy to tap in the energy and cash in on it.

About the Author: This is a guest post contributed by Aakash Agarwal. He is the author and owner of Top Apps Blogger. He writes mostly on tech, gadgets, and e-shopping. He’s an avid blogger and freelance writer. You can follow him on Google+.

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