Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery Service: Why Do You Need It?

Hard drives would be the primary storage devices within our home in addition to office computers; they store many important data on a daily basis. Though ideally you should be taking a regular backup, practically it may not be possible to always keep the backup updated. Moreover, you can never stop your data against accidental deletion, formatting, virus/malware attack or filing system corruption. Thus, loss of data is usually almost inevitable. In such panic situations, like hard drive data recovery service can be immensely useful when you are recovering the lost, deleted, inaccessible or formatted data from a troubled disk drive.

Most commonly encountered cases of data loss in a hard drive may include:

  • Booting of the system fails while using unusual blue screen of death.
  • Hard disk is undetectable from the system.
  • Destruction of the connectors and/or chips with the disc drive is clearly noticeable.
  • Harsh clicking or clinging sound comes from the hard drive.
  • The system is powered on, but the hard drive is unusually silent.

hard-disk-data-recoveryThere are many physical components in the disc drive of the computer, for instance head, motor, platter, PCB, etc. A small defect in any of them may result in complex cases of data loss or inaccessibility. Precisely, chances are you’ll lose your valuable data within the disk caused by any mechanical, electrical or firmware failure.

Under these instances of data loss, users accustomed to research many try to find a home solution on their own, for instance like, putting the troubled disk in freezer, heating it or tapping on it, etc. However, all these weird processes could potentially cause more harm to the device and thereby diminish the likelihood of recovery. Hence, this kind of experimentations, whether physical or by installing any untrusted software, should be strictly avoided as that could push your computer data from the disk beyond recovery. Above all, you must never seek to open the hard disk because dust particles in ordinary environment will go in between the platter plus the head, causing permanent loss of data.

A hard drive should only be opened inside a CLASS 100 White room lab through professional hard drive recovery engineers. A category 100 White room is a scientifically controlled environment; the place where the volume of dust particles present is below 100, using the size below 0.5 microns. This is another reason why you should entrust the task of hard disk data recovery to a professional service provider.

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