How to Speed Up Your Computer

Most of us experience a computer slowdown for no apparent reason and at times it can be so frustrating that you feel like banging your head on the wall. Well but that’s not the solution. Here are a few ways to help you speed up your computer:

1. Turn off Antivirus

When working with an application or play a game you can turn off the antivirus program while leaving the firewall on.


2. Plug in your laptop while in use

If you use a laptop running on battery only, it can lose speed along the way. So you’d better plug it in while being at home.

3. Turn off the programs you don’t need

Having your machine running on programs that you don’t need can make it perform slower, So to speed up your computer you need to turn off these programs.

4. Go for higher memory

Add as much more memory as you can on your computer that will enable it perform faster.

5. Scan for virus

Every once in a while make sure that you run a virus scan that will keep your machine away from spyware, malware and virus threats.

6. Use defrag program

Consider using the defrag program in order to speed up your computer because in this way you will have a better organizing of the files.

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