10 Interesting Facts About SEO

SEO has been a hard nut to crack for many webmasters and internet marketers out there since its existence. SEO is basically taming your website to perform well on search engines and it’s almost as old as the search engines itself. It was usually done by the webmasters themselves to leverage their websites in the past but now it is available as a paid service from big SEO companies.

SEO has been a widely misinterpreted term and many people have a very strange idea of what SEO actually does. In fact, many people think of SEO as a magical process that retains its power once done.

Did you know that you don’t have to manually submit your site to Google, they are smart enough to find you from inbound links towards your site. 93% of online explorations start from search engines and three quarters of search users never go beyond the first page of search results. Over 88% of marketers think of increasing mobile internet as the next big change in internet marketing.

Here is a compilation of some other SEO facts that we think you might find interesting and educative.

seo-facts1. Search users tend to click on organic links rather than inorganic, almost 70% of search users click on organic links. 70-80% of search users completely ignore paid ads. 80% of search users rarely/occasionally click on paid ads and links.

2. In google, the #1 position enjoys 33% of the organic clicks, 18% go to the #2 position, and 11% of users click on the #3 position. Google remains the leader in search with 60-70% of the market share.

3. The top two internet activities people engage in more are search and email; search is obviously the top activity. 82.6% of people who go on the internet use search.

4. Almost 100% of search users alter their search query if the first search turns out to be disappointing. This means one should focus on different variations of keywords to rank simultaneously for all search queries.

5. According to marketing charts, 39%of customers come from search engine leads. 92% of search users use google to find new products and services.

6. Search engine results page position is independent of a website’s pagerank. The pagerank system of google was named after the company’s co-founder and CEO Larry page.

7. Search engines stopped using meta-keywords to determine a site’s content years ago. It’s better to stop wasting your time and efforts on it.

8. Companies that maintain a good blog have more than 434% more pages indexed on search engines and they also get more number of leads and customers gradually.

9. A research conducted by Outbrain reports that search is the #1 traffic sources for content based sites. Content-based SEO is becoming the new trend in internet marketing.

10. Over 1 million professionals on Linkedin have SEO as their expertise. The search engine industry is estimated to be worth more than $16 billion and still growing rapidly.

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