Mac vs PC: Which One to Go For?

Well, though PC refers to a personal computer and includes Mac as well, it has increasingly become common to use it to refer to a computer running on Windows. So, when we say PC, we are referring to a Windows PC so far this article is concerned.

Many people in search of purchasing a computer will want to know which one to choose between Mac and PC. It is hard to point out which one is best to purchase, but we can at least help you identify the features and several aspects that are associated with each.


Look for design

When it comes to this feature, you will be quite impressed by the simplicity and beauty that Mac usually presents. There are indeed many PC manufacturers creating designs to attract users, such as Asus, Dell , Microsoft presenting their ‘notebook’ versions, but if you compare them to Macs, they cannot surpass it in style, sleekness and minimalist feature.

Security and vulnerability

In relation to the security, you should know that PCs with their Windows and security essentials are more vulnerable to virus attack as compared to Macs with their Unix kernel. So, it is worth noting that Macs are number one at this chapter.

Performance is a must

When it comes to power, again Mac offers more graphic abilities and better performance, although with Intel chips coming for Apple’s PCs there is the same performance obtained. Not to mention that a PC can be as well upgraded with more power providing as such the same specs, but Mac OS will over time perform most of the PCs.

Usability matters too

The usability of PCs these days is overwhelming, with about 90% of the devices being mainly PCs operating on Windows. If you take a look at the computers used in office environments, they are all PCs, not to mention that every other component of hardware and software supports PCs. The same can be said about creating routers, monitors, switches servers – they are all created to fit the PCs. So, we can say that usability is an aspect that PC rules over Macs without any doubt.

Backup and maintenance

Now we cannot end up these features in comparing Mac to PC without mentioning the ability of backup that Mac presents it with the built-in Time Machine software. This system operates as a successful and easy to use one for recovering the files. But we need to be fair on this one: in case a PC gets broken it is easier to fix its hard drive. When it comes to fix a Mac model, then it is required more special tools but even so, the backup feature is still accredited as a better one to Mac computers.

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