OLX App to Help You Post Free Classifieds from Your Android Device

OLX is a famous online selling and free classifieds website and it’s most famous for its quick response. If you post and display your product features and add your e-mail address or phone number, you’ll get a response within a day or two. The sellers have the ability to post ad for free whereas buyers have the ability to contact the seller through OLX. Seeing the increased demand of mobile users OLX has launched its Android app known as OLX Free Classifieds.

About OLX Android App


OLX android app is the best app for OLX users for finding new products that are available for buying and selling. You can Download OLX for Android from Google Play. This app has received more than 27,000 reviews with more than 10 million downloads so far.

OLX Android App 3.1 comes with listing scroll, like Facebook and Twitter app; you just need to scroll the page and find updates on the page. There had been some bugs which have been removed to make this app efficient for Android users.

This app has My OLX section that lets you browse through your personal messages, ads and favorites. Interesting feature about this app is that you can post your ad for free by clicking on a picture of the product that you want to sell. Due to the synchronization of the app from the phone; you can search or browse the products available around you. Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and personal email accounts can be used to share ads with everyone.


It comes with built-in map integration where you can find the products near to you or can even change the location of products easily. For example, I’m staying in Mumbai and searching for Royal Enfield bike in and around my city; this app will let me know the sellers of Royal Enfield bike near my place. No matter wherever you are, it will let you know the products available around you that you are searching for.

When you start up with this app, you’ll see an interface of squared icons with many categories like, for sale, vehicle, real estate, jobs, matrimonial, etc. On the top, you’ll find option to post your ad and location services. Once you search for any category it will show results of the products available at your nearest location. That’s how this app filters your search; you can even filter your search according to price, etc.

If you click on these ads, you’ll find an interface where you can read the description about the product on sale. You can even reply or call the seller directly through this interface. When you open the map view to check items around, a new window with map and items that are on sale will be shown.

First of all, posting ads on OLX is absolutely free; so the same features come in this OLX app. You can take pictures from your android phones and post it later to this app. You can even add description about the products that you are keeping for sale.

OLX is well known in meeting the needs of buyers and sellers in the classifieds industry. This app further extends the functionality of this popular website.

Local Language Support

Language is not a barrier in this app. If you are not an English Language user, you can view the OLX page and use this app in your local language too.

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