Tips for Choosing the Best Personal Safety Alarm

A personal alarm system is a device that can produce a loud, siren-like sound to scare away perpetrators. It is very helpful for young girls who are vulnerable to attacks. It’s also very handy for sick and elderly people who can alert their neighbors in case of an emergency. You may want to keep a safety alarm with you if love to jog early in the morning or late at night.


You should charge the device and keep it in a place where you can easily reach out to it; say for example, in a purse or somewhere around the belt that you wear.

Typically, most of the alarms available in the market can emit sounds of up to 150 decibels. This would panic and scare away the attacker.

A safety device can be activated in two ways. You can press the button given on the device or you can pull the pin attached to it. It depends on where the device is kept at that point of time. If a person prefers to hold this device in the hand, then a button will be the fastest way to activate. If you keep it in the purse or clothing, then it’s better to pull the pin to trigger the sound.

For elderly people, pulling the pin would be easier since they may find it difficult to press the button.

See to it that the alarm is easy to use. If there is any cap or cover that must be removed to activate the alarm, make sure, it’s easily removable.

Many criminals try to pick people who are vulnerable to attacks. In such cases, these devices come handy. With just the press of a button, there would be a huge siren and the attacker might flee the spot immediately. These alarms are very useful for students who live in campuses. These children are picked up easily by some of the criminals for sexual assault or other kind of offences. In some of the universities in the USA, the department of public safety distributes these safety alarms free of cost. This would ensure the safety of students living in the campuses.

These are handheld devices which run on batteries. Whenever you are carrying these devices make sure the battery is full. While purchasing these safety gadgets you need to test it and check for the alarm sound. The duration of the siren sound depends on the model that you have selected. In some units along with the sound there will be a flash of light. Check for all these features before buying one. It should be simple to handle.

Once the alarm is turned off the pin has to be inserted back into the unit. Most of the units are waterproof. Even if it is thrown in a puddle, the device would work effectively without any issues. According to statistics for every 98 seconds, there is a sexual assault in the US. In most of the cases it’s difficult to charge each of these perpetrators and put them in prison. Police personnel cannot be available everywhere. In such scenarios some of the NGOs have teamed up and have helped many people to protect themselves. These organizations have prepared a big list of tips that would help the girls to save themselves from attackers. The best way to protect yourself from any danger is to keep a safety alarm.

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