Rotimatic: Roti Making Made Easy

While having those soft delicious rotis, have you ever thought how much effort goes into the process of making them? How tedious the kneading of the dough might be and how daunting it is to stand in front of the hot tawa for so long mainly during the summer season? We just love to have those soft and tasty rotis when we feel hungry and the lady in the kitchen happily obliges.

Introduction of Rotimatic

If any day you will go through the process of roti making only then will you realize how tough it is. There are people who have thought over it and came up with this wonderful idea of Rotimatic.


It is definitely a boon for everybody as people who are staying alone can also bite into those thin, round and soft rotis anytime. Prior to Rotimatic there were companies who brought some other helping hand for roti making but it wasn’t much of help as there you had to sift, knead the dough and then the machine would roll out and bake the rotis. But with the fully automatic Rotimatic, you can just set the number of rotis you want and forget about it, the machine will work on your behalf and within minutes you will be having the required number of rotis ready to be served.

Different aspects of Rotimatic

It can be used to create poori sized dough balls so that you can make pooris for the breakfast on a Sunday morning. It I elegantly designed so that it fits into the lifestyle of every level in the society. It is also easy to clean and the most interesting feature of this machine is that you can choose how soft or how thick you want your rotis to be. The makers believed that everybody has different taste so to fit into every household they have given the option of choosing the roti as pr their taste. The machine will be dishing out one fresh puffed roti in a minute and you can use any wheat flour you want for the process.

Keeping the nutrients intact

The rotis are getting popular each passing day as it is rich in fiber which helps your digestive system and you will also find Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, B9 and E which are good for overall healthy body. The Rotimatic is making a point in their advertisement that the rotis produced by their machine doesn’t take away any nutritional value instead they are making people aware of the benefits of consuming rotis every day. It helps in regulating the blood sugar and also keeps you full for a longer period of time. No preservatives are used to make the rotis so it is as good as making rotis on the tawa.

As a matter of fact the Rotimatic has taken away the tedious job of making the rotis but has maintained the flavor of the tawa made roti. Now you can have rotis for your breakfast, lunch and dinner without getting exhausted in the kitchen.

Source: Tech Review Time

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