How to Set up a Free Proxy Server Using WinProxy

A proxy server is known to bridge the gap between a network and the client machine and helps in handling communication between the two. Proxy servers are also known to be the first line of defense for the malicious external threats. The other advantage of proxy server is that it allows you to surf any site without restriction as it has the ability to bypass the restriction easily.


Since it is free of cost there is no need for authentication and there is no region restriction either. It can bypass firewalls and web filters of any of the blocked sites like MySpace, YouTube, Facebook, etc. that are usually blocked in school or office servers. Even after having region restriction through proxy server you will have access to different resources such as movies, game, e-books, etc. from all over the world.

So, when you have so many advantage of proxy server then you surely would want to set up your own for free and doing so it can also help in increasing the surfing speed. You can set up your own proxy server for free with the help of windows based software, WinProxy. Just follow the steps below and you will have your own set up very easily:

  • You have to first decide which computer will work as proxy and then download the WinProxy in that machine
  • During the setup you will have to select an option whether you want the application be installed as a normal application or as a service
  • You must always choose the option “common application” if you are not using Windows NT
  • Now when the setup is complete, go to the program menu and run WinProxy from there and your server is all set up to start functioning.

Setting up free proxy server through WinProxy is stated to be the simplest of all and an amateur can also manage to install it easily without facing any problem. If you want to take the full advantage of the WinProxy server which comes all set up then you have to command your browser to use it as a proxy server.


If you are using Firefox then you have to follow these simple steps and you are done:

  • Go to tools menu
  • Click on the option
  • Select the network tab which comes under advanced options and select settings
  • IP address or the host name must be entered where the WinProxy has been installed that is HTTP Proxy text field and set up the port to 3128
  • Firefox is now all set to access the internet through WinProxy

There are various other advanced features of WinProxy which will better your experience of working through this free proxy server. If you want you can configure some of its features through the admin panel and enjoy better service.

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