Snovio: The Email Marketing Tool Every Business Should Have

People often think that email marketing is just promoting products and sending offers. But the scope of email marketing goes far beyond this. Businesses have successfully used it to build a loyal customer base, increase brand awareness, and generate new leads.

However, sending bulk emails in a certain order is a time-consuming process; it involves preparing an email list, dividing the list into different subgroups, sending emails, tracking the recipients’ responses, and sending follow-up emails.

Email marketing software like Snovio helps you automate most of the processes in an effective and more productive manner. It comes with several useful features like drip emails, email verifier, email finder, and many more.

Drip Campaigns

Snovio Drip Emails

The drip emails tool has a visual drag-n-drop campaign builder to help you create smart triggered emails and follow-ups in a pre-set sequence. It lets you put the drip marketing campaigns on autopilot without requiring any advanced technical knowledge. Send bulk emails to the whole list or send individual emails to specific contacts… the choice is totally yours. You get the complete stats to analyze the performance of the campaign. The tool also allows you to send plain emails with custom variables in the subject line and body for better delivery and open rate.

Email Verifier

Snovio Email Verifier

The Email Verifier is an online application and you don’t need to download it. Just upload the email list and clean it from invalid emails. A clean, updated list of contacts will not only reduce the bounce rate but it will also boost the performance of the campaign. Moreover, the tool is extremely fast and is capable of processing large lists without any difficulty.

Additionally, the email checker is available as a Chrome extension as well. So you can simply go to any webpage, click the extension icon, and verify the emails available on this page.

Verifying each email address costs a 0.5 credit. They also have a free plan that gives you access to all the paid features but it comes with a restriction of 200 email verifications per month.

Email Finder

Find quality leads for your business using Snovio Email Finder. It lets you search for all email addresses associated with a definite domain. It also has an option for bulk domain search that allows you to search for up to 20,000 domains. They also have a large database of companies at your disposal, which you can look up by industry, name, location, or size.

Sometimes, you may know the prospect’s name but it is hard to find their email addresses. In such cases, you can use the Email Finder to get emails from a prospect’s name. The tool also supports Boolean search; so you can combine various filters to search for leads by location, company, skills, etc.

Just as the verifier tool, email finder can be found in the Chrome Web Store. You can visit any website, activate the extension, and save the found email addresses to the prospects list.

Email Tracker

Gmail lets you send emails but you don’t get to know whether the email was opened by the recipient or not. This is where Snovio Email Tracker comes in handy. It sends you real-time push notifications when the recipients open the emails or click the embedded links. This is a completely free tool and it does not apply any signatures in the emails. You can switch between different Gmail accounts and turn off the tracking when you wish to.

Other email Tracker features:

  • Send later lets you schedule the email sending;
  • Reminder is an email that will be sent to you if the recipient doesn’t open the email, clicks the links, or replies to the email within the set period of time;
  • Disable tracking allows to deactivate email tracking for a definite message.

Final Words

Handling the email marketing campaigns manually can drive you crazy and yet not bring the desired results. But most of the email marketing software is too pricey and beyond the reach of small businesses. Snovio, being simple and affordable (with a number of free plan), is a must-have email marketing tool that can give you the best for your efforts.

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