Have You Leveraged Your Social Proof on YouTube Yet?

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon wherein we seek to base our actions on what others are doing. In a layman’s language, one can call it herd mentality since our behavior is guided by the action or response of others. In the context of marketing, this translates into an important consumer behavior where everybody is tempted to buy or try a product that is being liked and purchased by others. To give an example, think of a restaurant that is pathetically empty; would you like to enter it? Obviously not. Now, just think of an exactly contrary situation. Say you are in a vegetable market and you see a crowd of people falling to buy apples from a particular shop. Will you not get tempted to buy from the same shop? That’s how social proof works.


And it’s not just for the offline business; it’s equally relevant in your online marketing efforts as well. When people come across a Facebook page that is liked by a huge number of people, they are also drawn to like it; and show them a page that has some meager amount of ‘likes’, they are more than likely to pass it off as useless. Though the example given here is of Facebook, this ‘bandwagon effect’ concept applies across all social media channels.

Social Proof on YouTube

YouTube marketing can significantly add to your revenues if done the right way. There are several elements involved that can be used for enhancing social proof on YouTube:

Number of views: The number of times your video is viewed is the most important metric in YouTube marketing. Large number of views is a clear indication that your video is popular and draws in more viewers. It also builds up the credibility of your channel, and even more than that, helps you rank higher in search engines. That sums up why you should focus on increasing the number of views of your YouTube videos. Though you can achieve this through various means and techniques, the easiest way is to buy youtube views from a reliable and reputable company. Depending upon your requirements and budget, you can invest in few thousand to even few million views.

Number of Subscribers: A large subscriber base serves as a strong social proof of your YouTube channel since it is an indicator of your popularity. More subscribers mean more number of views since it will not only add the views of your subscribers but will attract views from non-subscribers as well.

Number of Likes and Dislikes: The number of likes and dislikes your video gets can have a huge impact in the minds of your viewers. Needless to say, more number of likes builds positive reputation whereas the higher number of dislikes tries to take away your credibility. The like dislike ratio also helps you understand how your video is received by your audience.

Positive/Negative Comments: Just like the number of views and likes/dislikes, the type of comments your video receives too has the power to sway the perception in favor or against the video. Additionally, existing comments also influence the type of future comments that you’d receive. Moreover, comments will also help you understand your audience better, which is usually not possible through likes and dislikes.

So, upload your best videos and put in all your energy in making them popular. Let people enjoy watching and sharing your videos. Once your video successfully makes it to the ‘suggested videos’ section, it will start attracting even more views. This will give a wide exposure to your content and catapult your channel into marketing success.

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