Top 5 Android Apps for Photography

Eyes are the most prominent and gifted part that becomes the prized witness to exemplary and beautiful things of the world. One can only ensure “beauty at its best” if there are sophisticated photography apps which indeed make the picture impressive and charismatic by removing the flaws. To make your work further easy, here is a very short list of some of the best Android photography apps that we have handpicked for you.

1. Instagram

instagramThis photography app does not deserve any introduction since Instagram has the credit of being one of the most downloaded app in the Google Play Store. The presence of filters assists towards tweaking images and you can easily share them on social media sites. A stunning and startling picture becomes the source of attraction for one and all and this is where this photography app has an immense role to play. The app has the features of custom designed borders along with filters which make it quite charismatic and coveted.

2. PicSay

pic-say-photo-editorThere are times when you want to provide much needed effects to your picture in order to make it quite colorful and attractive. Now, thanks to this photography app you will not just be able to give desired effects but equally write title captions along with making the best use of graphics in the simplest manner. You can equally upgrade to PicSay Pro, if you want to make even more usage of effects, styles along with extra tools.

3. Pixlr Express

pixlr-expressCan it get more interesting than this where you can give desired effects to the pictures by choosing from whopping 600 effects, overlays and borders? Surely, it won’t since you just have got the best way to enhance the charisma of any image without even spending a single penny in the process. The best thing is that, it is a child’s play to get accustomed to the whole functioning of this app in terms of editing the pictures.

4. Adobe Photoshop Touch

adobe-photoshop-touchHow can there be no mention of this photography app in this list. Since, it has its own recognition amongst hoards of apps which are there in the market. This specific Photoshop Touch functions with various Android smartphones as well as devices through touch inputs. There is no dearth of features which it is synonymous with and they are in the form of layers, advanced selection tools, etc. One of the features which is worth mentioning here is the camera fill feature which helps towards giving the most coveted look by blending different layers.

Besides Photoshop Touch, there are equally Photoshop tools which are meant towards editing as well as composing images. Although, Photoshop Touch is a paid app, but you can equally get the free version which has basic features namely Adobe Photoshop Express.

5. Little Photo

little-photoAs a beginner if you are looking for a friendly and easy app, then it will do full justice to you. Devoid of any complex features, you can easily make the best possible difference by creating more than 70 effects to your prized picture. It is a must for those who do not have much knowledge and you can easily install this from Google Store.

So, nothing more to wait for. Start honing your photography skills and let the world know your mettle!

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