Top 5 Media Players for Windows

Though Windows OS comes with a default media player, there is hardly any user who does not have a third party player installed on their PC. This is mainly because the default media player can’t play all the media formats. Also, different medial players come with different features and hence more players mean more options. There are many media players available in the market but few of them have really become popular due to their outstanding features. Here are the top ones:

1. VLC Media Player


It is one of the best multimedia players used by many users worldwide. It supports all formats of audio and video and plays HD files as well. It is easy to access and quick too. MP4, MPEG, FLV are some of the formats supported by VLC media player. It is updated quite frequently and in every update it just gets better.

2. Windows Media Player


Windows Media Player (WMP) is a media library application developed by Microsoft that acts as a default audio, video player. Besides running on computer having windows operating system, it can run even on a pocket computer and windows mobile-based devices. Unlike other media players, its installation, functions, appearance are much better.

3. FLV Player


It’s a Flash Video Player that can access only the FLV format of videos which is mainly and widely used to download or view the online videos easily which other media players do not support. It’s smoother and faster than other media players. One major issue with this player is that it does not support other format videos.

4. Real Player


This is one of the oldest media players known to us and has good features, usability, and quality. It’s a good option for the users as it’s easy to play the videos. But its installation can be said to be a bit complicated with a lengthy process to be followed.

5. Winamp


It is an audio as well as video (media) player. Its installation is quick and its features are easy to understand. It is also among the old media players available in the market. It’s quick and easy to use.

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