Was Your Gmail Message Read by the Recipient? Now Track Your Email with Google Analytics

Has it ever happened to you that after sending an important mail to the client you have been waiting for their reply for hours or after sending a simple leave application to your manager you are totally in the dark whether they have read it or not. I am sure it is the case with most of us but not anymore, as we have a friend in the form of Google analytics who will track the mail that we have sent and let us know the update of our mail. We will be informed the status of the mail whether it is read by the recipient or moved to trash. Yes there are some apps that instantly let us know the status of our email but giving the authority to third party tools may often be a cause of concern for many of us.


Tracking messages with Google analytics

Google analytics has become a popular tool to track the mail along with other activities like tracking website visits and various event handling options. Once you add the Google Analytics tracking image into the message body you will instantly get notification about the status of your mail. Another benefit of Google analytics is that it will notify you the status without sending out a mail stating the acknowledgement. So, wondering how to start using this? It’s simple just by following few simple steps you will have the facility attached to your mail.

Adding Google analytics

Google analytics is a real time tool so you will be informed as soon as the recipient opens the mail. The procedure is simple – the Google analytics image is attached to the message through Google Apps script and when the recipient views the mail, the image automatically gets downloaded and the tracking code is logged by the recipient’s computer.

Step by step application

Go to your Gmail account to compose new mail, if you want you can also attach image but before you click the send button you have to follow some steps in order to get the tracking initiated.

  • Leave the mail in the draft folder and then click this sheet and Google docs will appear asking you whether you want to make a copy of the document, click on yes.
  • Then a page will open up where you will have to click on email tracker and choose the Initialize option to authorize the sheet
  • After authorizing once you don’t have to repeat this step anymore as it will send your messages with the tracking image included
  • After authorization is complete, choose email tracker and then send mail, your Gmail draft will appear in the drop down, select it from there, enter Google Analytics profile ID and press send.

Your mail will be sent out to the recipient with the tracking image attached to it. So, from now onwards you won’t have to wait for the recipient of your mail to reply in order to know whether they have read your mail instead you can get the acknowledgement instantly as soon as they open your mail. This is a great and safe way of tracking the Gmail messages.

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